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Agronomy Services

Testing & Planning

Our agronomists work closely with clients to ensure the best possible outcome. Whether it be herbicide recommendations for canola or irrigation advice on maize, our team will be there to help. Our trained agronomists can provide recommendations on all aspects of crop and pasture management. Below are just a few of the specific services we provide:

Soil, Plant & Water Testing

Testing of soil, plant or water can prove to be invaluable.  We are able to take and prepare samples for the Nutrient Advantage Laboratory.

Our agronomists are fully accredited Nutrient Advantage Advisors.  Together with a wealth of local knowledge, our agronomists are able to generate easy to understand recommendations for horticulture, dairy and broad acre.

Biological Farming Knowledge

With the future of farming moving towards improving soil structure and plant health, Advanced Ag has great knowledge and access to biological farming products.

Crop & Pasture Planning

Our agronomists can create a whole crop/pasture plan for your farming enterprise.  We offer planning through 'Agworld' which connects farmers and agronomists on both web and mobile devices.

Crop Health Analysis using Drones

Advanced Ag together with CAF Consulting have the ability to map crops with drones. This gives precise data on the poor and good areas of the crop, allowing you to plan more precisely- targeting inputs to optimise yield and spend money more wisely across different areas in the paddock.  

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